This FAQ is focused on the Vocendi Assistive Technology Training.

1) What is the DSA process?
This link will tell you all you need to know about the process Disabled Student Allowances in Higher Education

2) What happens when I get the approval letter?
You need to contact the equipment provider listed and get a delivery date. Once you have this contact us on 01789 507071 or 07419 292 620, alternatively by email – dsa@vocendi.com

3) How do I book a session?
You can call, text or email us. We run sessions mon- fri 9am- 6pm and in special circumstance can accommodate you in an evening or on a weekend.

4) Do I need Assistive Technology training?
Even if you don’t think you do, we recommend trying one session first to see how you get on. Quite often students associate assistive technology training as computer training, but for us it goes a lot further and deeper than this. We adapt the technology around your disability, learning needs and study requirements. We introduce study skill strategies through the use of technology, which means it can make you more efficient at exam revision, taking notes, writing essays and conducting research tasks.

5) What will the session cover?
This is different for every student, because our trainers sit down with you to set individual objectives that reflect your requirements. Your trainer will coach you on how to use the different assistive technology you’ve been awarded in a practical way that will help you with your course.

6) How long do sessions last?
The sessions are booked in 2 or 3 hour slots.

7) Where will the sessions take place?
This is down to the student and where you feel the most comfortable. either in your home location or some students prefer a more neutral location in a pre booked room at university, remember you will need all of your equipment and software.

8) I need to cancel a session, how do I do this?
Please give us at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a session, by contacting us on 01789 507071 or 07419 292 620,  or , alternatively by email dsa@vocendi.com

9) What happens if there’s a fault with my equipment?
Have a look for your letter that confirms your DSA funding, because it will have the name and contact name of your equipment supplier. Give them a call because they will help fix it for you and normally they will resolve it quickly. If you can’t find your letter you might be able to find the details in the delivery note the supplier left.

10) What happens if I didn’t have time to take up my training from the previous academic year or I didn’t use it all up, can I still take it in my second or third year?
In most cases then, yes you can still use your training.  However, it is recommended that you contact  your funding body to confirm this.   Please use these email addresses to contact your providers:
Student Finance England: Dsa_team@slc.co.uk
NHS: nhsbsa.dsa@nhs.net
Open University: dsa-queries@open.ac.uk

11) What happens if I’ve used all my training hours up but feel like I still need more training?
You should contact your assessor directly and request additional hours.  Just provide a brief reason why you would like some extra training.  Normally your assessor will contact us to confirm this and then your case will be sent off to your funding body.