DSA Process

The following diagram shows the stages in the Disabled Students Allowance process.

arranging your training diagram


DSA Timescales

Step 1 – Up to 14 weeks – Complete and send your Higher Education and/or Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) application to your funding body. You will receive an eligibility letter to advise you that you should arrange a needs assessment. please note: The application process varies from each funding body – please apply early.

Step 2 – Up to 15 days – To book your needs assessment – call around centres as some may offer appointments soon. Once you have booked and provided the information requested your appointment will be conducted. Please note: this process can take up to 15 working days – please book your appointment early!

Step 3 – Within 10 days – Your needs assessment report should be issued to you and your funding body within 10 days of your assessment. Please note: This process can take up to 10 working days.

Step 4 – Within 10 days Your funding body will send you a letter advising you to contact the supplier. Once you have provided the information required by the supplier your equipment and services will be delivered. Please note: This process can take up to 10 working days – please contact the supplier and arrange your delivery early!

Step 5 – You’re nearly there! All you now need to do is contact the trainers and get the most out of your new equipment and software. Arrange your training. Call or email the contact given on your award letter. E.g. Vocendi 01789 507071 or dsa@vocendi.com