more confident


What aspects of your studies were you hoping would be improved by going through the DSA process?                                                                            I was hoping that by going through the DSA processes that I could improve the quality of my assignments and the time in which it takes to complete them.

Your journey through the DSA process

How would you describe your experience of the DSA process overall e.g. was it clear what you had to do at each stage?                                                                                                                                                                                             Overall I found the DSA process rather easy, with each stage being very clear with the representatives being very helpful.

Your pre-training dealings with Vocendi

How would you describe your experiences with Vocendi when it came to arranging your training sessions?                                                              I found my experience with Vocendi when it came to arranging my training session very helpful as my schedule was taken into account.

Were there any aspects about your dealings with Vocendi when arranging your sessions that you found particularly helpful (or that could be improved)?                                                                                                              I found how flexible the sessions could be very helpful as it made the whole experience a lot smoother.

The training itself

How did you and your trainer plan your training sessions and did you feel he/she took account of your specific requirements (please give examples)?                                                                                                                                              My trainer planed the sessions by going over one section at a time and then recapping throughout. I felt that he took into account my requirements very well, as I was able to understand everything and enjoy the sessions.

How did the sessions enable you to make practical use of your software in your studies (e.g. with reports, presentations, revision etc.)?                                                                                                                                                         Throughout the sessions my trainer applied the uses of the software to my work, to show me examples of how it can be applied to my studies.  As a result I have been able to plan and carry out assignments faster and easier, along with being able to recap my subjects and apply it to my assignments and exam.

Describe how you feel your studies have benefitted from the training you have received.

As a result of the training that I have received I have been able to collect information faster and format assignments better. With the recording software enabling me to recap what my lectures have said, allowing me to capture more information. As a result I have been able to complete my assignments faster and to a higher quality. All of this paired together has made me feel more confident with the software, and has releveled a great deal of anxiety when it comes to me completing assignments. As a result my grades have increased and I am enjoying my course more.

Anything else?

Are there any other comments you would like to make about your experiences with Vocendi?

All in all my experience with Vocendi was very positive, with my trainer being exceptionally helpful.