flexible and accommodating


What aspects of your studies were you hoping would be improved by going through the DSA process?

Increasing the amount of effective reading

Assistance with planning and implementing essay/ dissertation writing

Use of resources available to improve and integrate writing and research

Your journey through the DSA process

How would you describe your experience of the DSA process overall e.g. was it clear what you had to do at each stage?

The DSA process was clear because the advice was always excellent from UWE. I felt really supported throughout.

It was a shame that I didn’t get the delivery of the keyboard in time for using the new software which was due to the secondary report from the assessment not being sent in a timely way and I had to follow it up – nothing to do with Vocendi

Your pre-training dealings with Vocendi

How would you describe your experiences with Vocendi when it came to arranging your training sessions?

Very good, flexible and accommodating as I have a ridiculously tight schedule

Were there any aspects about your dealings with Vocendi when arranging your sessions that you found particularly helpful (or that could be improved)?

I requested that I have a longer first session just because fitting more short sessions around placement was problematic. This was supported which I found particularly helpful

The training itself

How did you and your trainer plan your training sessions and did you feel he/she took account of your specific requirements (please give examples)?

The training was very well pitched as I don’t a huge amount of technical knowledge but I knew what I was looking for. The training was tailored to my specific requirements and the responses to all my questions equipped me to engage with the software to the level of my ability and need. I am aware that there is more functionality in the software that may be of benefit but I felt that I had reached a point in the training where I had sufficient information to achieve the desired outcome

The planning of the sessions followed an overall plan to work through the software in a structured way but I always felt able to ask questions about related topics e.g. I had issues with cloud storage and was able to sort this out within this session quickly and easily which meant I could manage my studies better

How did the sessions enable you to make practical use of your software in your studies (e.g. with reports, presentations, revision etc.)?

This training has given me the confidence to routinely use all the software provided to aid my studies.

Describe how you feel your studies have benefitted from the training you have received.

I found the training has opened up endless possibilities to finding a new approach to study and the practical issues that regularly occur. I am sure my results will improve as a direct outcome of this training and use of this software

Anything else?

Are there any other comments you would like to make about your experiences with Vocendi?

I struggled at times due to unwanted effects of pain relief i.e. sedation, which was handled very well by Bryan – thanks for that