always patient


What aspects of your studies were you hoping would be improved by going through the DSA process?

The ability to return and complete my degree after severe traumatic brain injury.

 Your journey through the DSA process

How would you describe your experience of the DSA process overall e.g. was it clear what you had to do at each stage?

In terms of the company supplying my laptop and software, it was pretty horrendous because everything kept breaking. In terms of my software use and training, it was very good.

Your pre-training dealings with Vocendi

How would you describe your experiences with Vocendi when it came to arranging your training sessions?

Easy and helpful, the staff would be on hand to make it as easy and clear as possible.

Were there any aspects about your dealings with Vocendi when arranging your sessions that you found particularly helpful (or that could be improved)?

Perhaps send a reminder notification 2 days before a training session. I had learnt to be very organised because of my memory issues but it’s something I’m sure many students would find helpful. Almost similar to the way in which the NHS text/email appointment reminders now.

The training itself

How did you and your trainer plan your training sessions and did you feel he/she took account of your specific requirements (please give examples)?

Yes, Tom was always patient so I could learn despite still recovering a lot in first term. Also he would tailor our sessions to the coursework schedule and nature of my assignments in the order that I had them so that I could make the most use of the software.

How did the sessions enable you to make practical use of your software in your studies (e.g. with reports, presentations, revision etc.)?

Good training and ability with Sonocent Audio-notetaker was extremely useful for recording and taking notes for lectures. Given that I forgot a lot of first term, having the files ready to view was paramount for revision.

Claro-read was very useful when organising and creating exam notes.

MindView was useful for getting all my ideas for my dissertation in an organised and easy to use format.

Describe how you feel your studies have benefitted from the training you have received.

It’s made them possible. My notes and processing were very poor given the massive recovery I experienced in first term and so having everything well documented to go back over during my revision with a recovered processing level has made completing the degree possible.

Anything else?

Are there any other comments you would like to make about your experiences with Vocendi?

Tom was a good trainer and very kind, helpful individual. I hope your other staff are as good as he is.