Laura Harvey

absolute collaboration

I remember the day my Assistive Technology (AT) arrived, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of new technology.

My anxieties regarding my studies were already increasing, and now I had five new programs to learn! I was also allocated AT training, which consisted of six hours, I fully embraced the training and took on board the programs that I personally felt were suitable for me at the time, over this time period, I would say I was only using 30% of what I had been allotted.

By the time I started my third year, I became more confident and asked if I could receive more AT training. I wondered if any of the other technology I had been given and not used could help with my dissertation research.

I decided on Vocendi for my training, and was delighted with my trainer, who had a relaxed, friendly manner; she made me feel at ease. Her determination and passion for teaching came across, in association with interlinking the use of the AT in conjunction with my studies.

The training was an absolute collaboration. My trainer completely listened to my needs and make proactive suggestions of ways of using programs such as mind-mapping, read and write gold and Audio Notetaker.

I truly believe if I had received training in my first year at university, I could have become a more independent learner from the outset.

I would highly recommend my AT Trainer. She successfully uses her emotional intelligence to build me a personalised package that successfully met my needs. Most importantly, she has given me the confidence I needed to complete my studies and now work as an independent dyslexic person.

Laura Harvey
BA (Hons) Inclusive Education
University of South Wales