tailored to my needs


What aspects of your studies were you hoping would be improved by going through the DSA process?

  • To be more efficient with my study time – from planning, writing, proofreading and generally getting better at constructing a valid argument

Your journey through the DSA process

How would you describe your experience of the DSA process overall e.g. was it clear what you had to do at each stage?

  • Yes, it was clear what I had to do, but the whole process could be streamlined to speed things up

 Your pre-training dealings with Vocendi

How would you describe your experiences with Vocendi when it came to arranging your training sessions?

  • Very good. Appointments were either made with Vocendi or directly with the trainer, but always confirmed by email by Vocendi

Were there any aspects about your dealings with Vocendi when arranging your sessions that you found particularly helpful (or that could be improved)?

  • Email confirmation was helpful

 The training itself

How did you and your trainer plan your training sessions and did you feel he/she took account of your specific requirements (please give examples)?

  • Yes, because the sessions were unstructured to a large extent, the training could be tailored to my needs. Some of the software was intuitive to me, so we didn’t spend too much time on it, which meant we could allocate time to other more challenging areas, or work through the packages on real projects

How did the sessions enable you to make practical use of your software in your studies (e.g. with reports, presentations, revision etc.)?

  • During the final session, we applied the Mind Map software to my dissertation planning process. This has enabled me to understand what is required from me and breakdown the steps into bite sized chunks, which makes the whole thing seem less daunting

Describe how you feel your studies have benefitted from the training you have received.

  • I am able to get my point across far quicker when writing, I can proofread my own work to a good standard and when reading literature, I can take on more information in a shorter amount of time

Anything else?

Are there any other comments you would like to make about your experiences with Vocendi?

  • My trainer, Tom, was excellent and it made a big difference to have someone who uses the packages themselves regularly