We are a friendly and helpful bunch who want to help individuals and organisations reach their potential. Throughout the process we make it personal! We care and don’t mind you knowing it. What makes us happy is chatting about how we can work together to achieve your goals. What we love is then seeing that happen, putting the plans into practice.

Sometimes a student in Higher Education is attempting to find their way through the process (which could be DSA) in order to get the training they deserve on relevant software. Vocendi has all the patience needed to provide guidance.  We then organise for an expert (but still friendly!) trainer to help the individual learn the best use of the technology within the context of their needs (these needs are multiple and varied, such as, assessment method of course of study, time in the academic year, specific learning difference.)

It could be someone who has perhaps experienced some barriers to gaining employment. We can offer courses on job application skills, employability skills and personal and professional development. Either with or without the IT element but always with the human touch.

Our clients could also be already in employment but perhaps needing a refresher or boost to their development. Working together we can help identify which of the soft skills are most appropriate to focus on and how to best facilitate the learning and reinforcement of such interpersonal talents. Again, delighted to be delivering personalised sessions (and yet focussing on the business context).